This 1921 Bush and Lane Upright Piano lives in Binghamton, NY and needed new dampers and various other repairs in the action assembly.

As a piano tuner in the Binghamton, NY area I frequently encounter pianos of this vintage and I always marvel at the amazing skill and craftsmanship that it took to create such incredible instruments that are still fully functional after almost a century!!

Pianos are made of metal, wood, leathers and felt so often the first thing to fail is the felt that make up the damper mechanism.

The symptom I addressed on this piano was a continuous ringing after each note was struck. In other words, the dampers weren’t damping!

Replacing the dampers on an upright piano takes only a few hours and makes a huge difference in the sound for the listener and improves the touch, feel and tone for the player as well.

Happy piano!

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